What is the Difference Between Dental Discount Program & Traditional Dental Insurance?

the Difference Between Dental

Maintaining oral health is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Most people want to make a commitment to improving their oral health, but have a hard time choosing between traditional dental insurance and dental discount programs.

Therefore, it is important to understand how the difference between dental insurance and a dental discount program can affect you.

Dental insurance policies can usually be characterized by monthly premiums, annual discounts, and maximums, while dental discount programs are designed to be as accessible as possible; they do not have the same characteristics as dental insurance.

Monthly premiums for a regular dental insurance policy may be as high as $50 per month for individuals and over $100 per month for family plans.

Or, dental discount programs are much cheaper. Dental discount programs start at $6.95 per month for individuals, $11.95 per month for couples and $15.95 per month for families. Additionally, if you shop, you can find discount dental packages that include free vision care.

Typically, people using dental insurance must meet the deductible before their dental insurance begins covering their dental care; When making comparisons, it is therefore important to consider the deductible as one of the overall costs associated with dental insurance.

Annual deductions usually vary from $50 to $100 per individual covered; It is difficult to put the actual cost on the deductible because it depends on the specific dental insurance policy you have.

The dental discount program has no deductions. In exchange, members of the dental discount program pay a membership fee that qualifies them to pay discount rates at participating dentists at the time the service is rendered.

Most dental insurance plans limit the reimbursement amount to an annual maximum which is usually $1,000 to $1,500 per year. The insured person is then liable for any expenses over and above the annual maximum amount.

Dental discount programs do not have an annual maximum. Program members can use their dental discount card as often and as much as they want. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of money members can save by using their dental discount program.

People with dental insurance policies often complain about the time-consuming bureaucracy they have to deal with, including the need to provide written claims, exceptions for pre-existing conditions and excessive waiting periods for major procedures.

Or, an easy-to-use dental discount program designed to save members time and money!

Almost all dental insurance policies require policyholders to go through a tedious and very time-consuming written claims process, every time they make a claim!

No tedious paperwork and hassles for dental discount card holders; Discount dental program members simply present their membership card to the participating provider at the time of service to receive their discount.

Dental insurance plans often refuse to cover certain procedures or impose long waiting periods.

If you are considering dental insurance, you need to be aware that many dental insurance policies have exceptions for pre-existing conditions and may require a waiting period of up to 18 months before paying for primary dental care.

Alternatively, the dental discount program is free from these restrictions and is active immediately, allowing program members to join and start saving for their dental care as quickly as possible. In addition, dental discount programs offer significant savings on dental specialties, such as orthodontics and teeth whitening, while most dental insurance policies rarely cover such procedures.

The rising cost of dental insurance makes dental insurance inaccessible to a large number of individuals and families.

Highly cost-effective dental discount programs are accessible to individuals, families and businesses as an alternative to expensive traditional dental insurance.

Dental discount programs are also an easy and flexible way for businesses to save time and money on valuable dental care for their employees.

Despite the differences between traditional dental insurance and dental discount programs, some of them can even be used together in certain situations to maximize savings.

To summarize, dental discount programs are an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to traditional dental insurance and program members offer substantial savings on most dental procedures.

While it is not possible to accurately compare the cost of traditional dental insurance with discount dental programs, I have estimated the comparison based on four families.

Typical dental insurance will cover a premium of around $1,200 per year while a dental discount program will cost about $192 in annual membership fees.

Assuming 4 oral exams, 4 dental cleanings, 1 root canal and 1 extraction over the course of a year, the standard dentist bill would be around $1184. With traditional insurance, the actual cost to the policyholder is deducted or about $200. With the dental discount program, the dentist’s bill will be approximately $465, all of which will be paid by the discount card member.

The point is to make an interesting read; the total cost of using traditional dental insurance will be around $1400 (annual premium plus deduction); the total cost with the dental discount program will be approximately $657 (annual membership fee plus actual fees at the dentist).

Is it any wonder that about 30 million Americans (about 10% of the population) now use dental discount cards?

Food for thought I think!!