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Rhetty Roo is TWO! I know two-year-olds get a undesirable rap from time to time but I’m here to say I Appreciate TWO. Two is so darn cute and Rhett’s cuteness is at an all-time significant.

Rhett is a smiley dude and an simple chuckle and we adore his playful personality. He’s into every little thing and enjoys staying outside, next his big brothers, checking out the planet, learning new factors and pretending he’s 7-years-aged.

Rhett is chatty and giggly and a killer mixture of sweet and spicy… with additional and additional of his oh-so-yummy sweetness coming as a result of each working day! Rhett place us by way of the wringer for numerous months with some intense fussiness and thankfully that section is falling to the wayside far more and more each and every day. Now that he’s ready to communicate his demands a minor better, the globe is obtaining a lot easier for Rhett… and all of us!

Rhett is adding new words and phrases to his vocabulary every single working day and he’ll say them on repeat right up until he gets enthusiastic acknowledgement for his words and phrases, (Rhett: “Car… car… CAAAR!” Mom: “Yes, oh wow! A automobile!” Rhett: “Car.” — at last glad.) He loves waving goodbye to absolutely everyone and everything and contacting out “wee-oo wee-oo” anytime he sees a firetruck. This child has under no circumstances satisfied a stranger and is a curious tiny explorer.

Rhett is adventurous and daring and we’re confident he thinks he’s the same age as Chase because he confidently makes an attempt something and everything his large brothers do on a everyday foundation. He certainly has no worry, especially around water, and fortunately jumps off superior docks into the lake, prefers the deep conclusion of the pool and says “NO!” if you try to help him swim in the ocean. (He can do it himself thank you extremely a great deal.) We’re just grateful he had fully embraced lifejacket existence since he keeps us on our toes!

(Rhetty Spaghetti on Halloween!)

Looking at Rhett run as fast as his wobbly small toddler legs will carry him brings me so a great deal joy since I see his exhilaration and resolve shining as a result of and touching each individual aspect of his small daily life. Rhett immerses himself in anything we’re undertaking at all times and Ryan and I say anything about adding Rhett into our family members kicked up the sound and chaos in our property several notches in the most effective way. Rhett certainly didn’t get the memo that the third boy or girl is meant to be chill and has no qualms about generating his place recognized amid his brothers! Our changeover from two to 3 young ones was the craziest for us and it is been one particular of the greatest joys of my existence to check out our infant boy mature into a toddler with a boatload of individuality.

I fully grasp why persons say they can just “eat their youngsters up” simply because Rhett is just so yummy and kissable and seems to genuinely love staying smothered in smooches and passion. (Till he doesn’t and then all bets are off and you far better place him down so he can just take off on his following journey.)

Very little Brother Lifetime

Rhett adores his more mature brothers with a intense depth. He is so observant and decided to continue to keep up with Chase and Ryder and inserts himself into all of their games and engage in time.

If they are exploring for slugs in the mud, he’s digging appropriate alongside with them. If they’re performing cannonballs into the pool, he’s striving his most difficult to make the largest splash. If they are dressing up in costumes, he’s suitable there attempting to figure out how to get a superhero cape close to his neck.

Worries even now occur when “Wreck It Rhett” wishes to be included in play that calls for him to abide by particular principles and structure or be a minor mild but those battles are slowly and gradually falling to the wayside as he receives older.

Rhett has been the great addition to our family members and has increased the chaos and love exponentially. Chase and Ryder adore their minimal brother and appear to be to truly delight in educating him new points. They completely light up when he seeks them out for a “huggie” or a hand to hold and appreciate remaining the kinds to get him out of his crib in the early morning or after nap.


Rhett normally takes a person nap every single day and it normally lasts 2-3 several hours. He gets angry when we scoop him up for nap time but the minute I lay him down and zip him into his snooze suit, he gets just about giddy and laughs and is so darn cute and playful. He commonly goes ideal to slumber and sleeps perfectly.

Rhett’s bedtime was all around the put in the summer — often encroaching on 9 p.m. during our time in Florida — but he loooves an early-morning wakeup and is usually up just before 7 a.m. He was on a kick wherever he’d wake up by 6 a.m. each and every day for months and that was all kinds of terrible but now he commonly will make it to at the very least 6:30 a.m. Now that the university calendar year is back in swing, we’re back again into a much better bedtime rhythm and he’s normally in mattress by 7:30 p.m.

Rhett even now enjoys getting his entire paci posse in his crib for naps and nighttime slumber and will call out for his Wubbanubs (“whoa whoas”) if he’s upset. His love for Wubbanbubs has triggered him to have what we affectionately refer to as “paci teeth” in our property — we’re 3 for 3 on 2 calendar year-olds with paci tooth! Haha! (Chase and Ryder’s enamel straightened out when we dropped the paci around 2.5 many years aged which is our program with Rhett, as well. It is not a thing I’m concerned about and just observe our pediatric dentist’s guidelines for paci use with our boys.) “Whoa whoas” still undoubtedly leading Rhett’s list of favorite factors!


Rhett is a first rate eater and soon after likely as a result of the ringer with Chase (he was pretty disinterested in meals and very picky), you’ll under no circumstances hear me consider a child with a excellent appetite and propensity to try new foodstuff for granted. He majorly checks out what his big brothers are taking in and will get mad if he doesn’t get the correct same issue which can be challenging given that not all foodstuff Chase and Ryder try to eat are protected for a 2-calendar year-outdated. He’s getting a small extra skeptical over making an attempt new food items which I know is regular for this age and unquestionably has a list of preferred food items at this place.

He loves any kind of newborn food pouch (as lengthy as it has 1 fruit included), Bobo’s chocolate chip bites, fruit (especially bananas and clementines), yogurt, cottage cheese, complete wheat pumpkin muffins, waffles, Simple Mills almond flour crackers, cucumbers, bell peppers, peanut butter, hen nuggets, pancakes and pizza. Oh and he has our family’s huge sweet tooth as effectively and can eye a pint of ice cream from throughout the home.


  • His household
  • Swimming
  • The “Boo Game” when we run all around and pop out at every single other and say “Boo!”
  • Textbooks (he’s constantly carry us publications to browse to him even while this appears much more like Rhett flipping 8 web pages at a time ideal now and pointing at the photos he likes — pretty a great deal only images of several modes of transportation and animals)
  • Animals, primarily puppies and dolphins (he loves producing their “click click” noise)
  • Discovering exterior
  • Climbing on everything and everything
  • MyGym classes
  • Riding in his significant brother’s PowerWheels Jeep
  • Using his equilibrium bicycle
  • Coloring/Scribbling


  • When we scoop him up for nap time
  • When he’s not permitted to do anything his significant brothers are undertaking
  • When we try to make him do a thing secure when he wishes to do one thing insane
  • When we cut anything up that he would like to consume whole
  • When we take some thing out of a wrapper that HE would like to take out of the wrapper himself
  • Snow working day attire

2 Yr Previous Favorites

The the vast majority of these favorites were being significant hits with Chase and Ryder as perfectly!

Two Year Old Favorites

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