Gym Bag Essentials: 13 Items to Pack for Your Workout

Gym Bag

Gym Bag Essentials: 13 Items to Pack for Your Workout. Before you head to the gym for a round of cardio, squats, and a run on the treadmill, make sure you have everything you need in your workout bag for a successful calorie-burning experience. Read on to discover the top thirteen gym bag essentials.

What to Bring to the Gym

A well-stocked gym bag can assist in making what otherwise might feel like the chore of getting regular exercise into an easy and even pleasant wellness experience. Make sure your gym bag is breathable and large enough to hold everything you need for your workout without becoming overly bulky or burdensome. If you want to shower at the gym after your workout, you may want your bag to have separate compartments for wet and dry belongings.

13 Gym Bag Essentials

Include these essential items in your gym bag before you leave home:

1. Deodorant

An essential item to have in your gym bag is deodorant, which will mask any lingering body odor after a sweaty workout. You’ll find it especially helpful if you don’t have time to shower after exercise.

2. Fitness tracker

A wearable fitness tracker can help you keep track of your activity, compare your current workout to previous workouts, tell you the number of calories you’ve burned, and act as a heart rate monitor.

3. Gym shoes

Keep your feet comfortable in well-fitting and supportive athletic shoes and clean socks. If you plan on running on the treadmill, appropriate footwear will help you avoid injury and blisters.

4. Hairbrush and hair ties

If you have longer hair, you’ll want some hair ties or a headband to keep your hair out of the way while you exercise. Pack a small hair brush or comb to get your hair looking fresh after you finish your workout.

5. Headphones

A good pair of wireless headphones go a long way in making a great workout fly by in no time, keeping you motivated with music, podcasts, or whatever keeps your body moving. Listen to your favorite playlist on a set of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, and bring your charger, so you don’t run out of battery life before your workout is up. (Avoid using headphones when exercising in public—when you run or cycle on the street, you need to hear what’s around you.)

6. Membership card

If you plan on working out at a gym that requires a paid membership, remember to pack your membership card in your bag.

7. Shower items

If you plan on having a post-workout shower at the gym, pack travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. For quick trips to the gym, a bottle of dry shampoo can soak up oil and sweat from your hair and help you look fresh and perspiration-free after your workout.

8. Shower shoes

You’ll want a pair of shower shoes or flip-flops for the locker room, especially if you plan to take a post-exercise shower or visit the sauna or hot tub.

9. Snack

A light post-workout snack will refuel your body and prepare you for the rest of your day. Consider bringing a healthy option, such as a protein bar, nuts, or fruit. (Or go the homemade route with fitness executive Robin Arzón’s high-protein banana bread.)

10. Specialty gym gear

If you plan on doing a specific activity that requires specialty equipment (such as resistance bands, a yoga mat, or a belt for weightlifting), be sure to pack those items into your gym bag.

11. Towel

Though many establishments offer gym towels, you may still want to bring a towel from home. Consider a small microfiber towel, which absorbs moisture quickly and fits easily into a gym bag.

12. Water bottle

Ensure proper hydration during your workout with a bottle of water, which you can keep with you at all times while you exercise. Consider using an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle, which allows you to refill at a water fountain as needed and keep your water colder than disposable water bottles.

13. Workout clothing

You’ll want supportive and breathable gym clothes, such as a T-shirt, leggings, sweatpants, and a sports bra. Always pack and wear clean workout clothes to avoid unsavory smells or mustiness.