COVID-19 New Variant of Omicron XBB

COVID-19 New Variant

COVID-19 New Variant: Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. Reveal that the peak of the new wave of COVID-19 variants is predict to occur in the next one to two months. This he express in his post on his personal Instagram account  recently.

“Based on various data that we have observ and depart from the trajectory of past COVID-19 cases. The peak of the wave of these new variants is expect to occur in the next one to two months. “However. This new variant is predict to remain lower compared to the beginning years, namely the last Omicron peak,” he continu.

Seeing this, Luhut emphasized that all parties should remain vigilant and careful. This refers to the spike in COVID-19 cases that has occurred again in recent days. The latest data for daily new cases reached 5,303. In his post, Luhut revealed an increase in cases for the Java-Bali region. He also highlighted the death toll in Central Java and DI Yogyakarta.

“Especially for the Java-Bali region, the increase in daily confirmed cases was seen in all provinces of Java and Bali. In addition, the increase in the death rate, especially in Central Java and Yogyakarta, also rose quite significantly. Seeing this condition, Luhut said the government would continue to reflect on the cases and patterns of COVID-19 that occurred in other countries. This is one way to predict all possibilities that will occur in the future.

Regarding the daily cases that have returned to touch the number of 5,000 cases, the government has prepared various steps to stem the occurrence of a deeper severity caused by the Omicron XBB subvariant. For example, such as increasing the achievement of booster vaccinations and reminding the public to maintain health protocols. “Today I also reiterate that the government will continue to use PPKM Level as a basis for tightening activities for the community, which will continue to be evaluated,” said Luhut. The slightest negligence and carelessness that arise will in fact repeat the dark experiences of the past.