2022 Whole Living Consumer Database Report: Only 1 In 4 are

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Introduction to the Institute’s Whole Living Project

The publisher is pleased to publish its 2022 Whole Living Consumer Database Report. The Institute’s Whole Living Study is based on a new and unique way to explore health and wellness. It is based on the premise that the ongoing process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Some example findings include:

  • Almost half of all American consumers are very satisfied that their life is in a balanced state
  • Only 1 in 4 are very satisfied with living an environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyle
  • Half of consumers are often confused by the changing information on what they are supposed to do to live a healthy lifestyle
  • However, over the past 10 years, significantly more consumers indicate they live a more satisfying life by having fewer material possessions
  • Almost three out of four consumers feel very positive and hopeful about the future

This report covers the following 6 Dimensions of Wellness and the opportunities which exist around them.

1. Financial: Concern over one’s financial future is having detrimental effects across a broad spectrum of health issues, identifying opportunities for assistance tools

2. Social: As consumers travel a wellness path, they become more aware of their importance in society, as well as the impact they have on multiple connection points

3. Physical: The physical benefits of looking good and feeling good, most often lead to the psychological benefits of enhanced self- esteem, self-control, determination, and a sense of direction

4. Technological: The more a consumer understands about their personal health, the more empowered they will be to improve upon it, and technology amplifies their understanding

5. Environmental; Consumers across all generations are embracing environmental responsibility and sustainability and making the connection between planetary and personal health

6. Emotional (P&M): Managing their life in personally rewarding ways and taking responsibility for their actions will help consumers to see life as an exciting, mindful, and hopeful adventure

Key Topics Covered:

1. Summary Methodology

2. Financial Dimension

  • Financial Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Financial Dimension Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction Gaps for Financial Health
  • Ability to Meet Financial Obligations after Retirement
  • Financial Situation Since COVID-19
  • Repercussions of Economic Uncertainty
  • Uncertainty of Financial Retirement Needs
  • Concerns about Ability to Retire
  • Financial Preparedness
  • Health Implications of Financial Unpreparedness
  • Financial Implications of a Major Illness
  • Importance of Time vs. Money
  • Impact of Materialism on Life Satisfaction

3. Social Dimension

  • Social Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Social Dimension Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction Gaps for Having People to Socialize With
  • Satisfaction with Quality of Community and Family Life
  • Existence of Social Support Network
  • Social Support Network among Satisfaction Groups
  • Pet Ownership
  • Perceptions of Racial Equality and Social Justice
  • Perceptions of Current State of Racial Equality
  • Perceptions of Current State of Social Justice
  • Interest in Corporate Support of Social Issues
  • Interest in Corporate Support of Social Issues by Ethnicity
  • Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Purchase
  • Lack of Corporate Social Responsibility on Purchase

4. Physical Dimension

  • Physical Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Physical Dimension Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Physical Health
  • Personal Health Management
  • Ratings of Overall Health
  • Trended Ratings of Health by Generation
  • Ratings of Overall Health by Life Balance Groups
  • Aging Effects on Ability to Care for Oneself
  • Condition Management
  • Growth of Condition Management
  • Condition Management by Gender
  • Importance of Gut Health
  • Concern for Condition Prevention
  • Condition Management Through Nutrition
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Eating a Nutritious Diet
  • Barriers to Living Healthy
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Getting Enough Exercise
  • Cigarette and Alcohol Use
  • Interest in Alternative Care Options
  • Interest in Alternative Care Advice by Physician
  • Use of Telemedicine
  • Challenges of Caregiving
  • Interest in At-Home Services

5. Technological Dimension

  • Technological Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Technological Dimension Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Understanding and Keeping Up with Technology
  • Interest in Health Technology by Generations
  • Interest in Health Technology by Ethnicity
  • Use of Telemedicine
  • Use of Telemedicine by Condition Managers
  • Use of Technology for Grocery Shopping
  • Influence of Social Media on Product Purchase

6. Environment Dimension

  • Environment Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Environment Dimension Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Living an Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Environmental Conviction
  • Perceived Responsibility for Environmental Protection
  • Participation in Environmental Behaviors
  • Importance of Corporate Sustainable Initiatives
  • Importance of Corporate Cause Support on Purchase
  • Interest in Specific Corporate Initiatives
  • Impact of Retailer Sustainability Initiatives on Likelihood to Shop
  • Growth in Impact of Corporate Mindfulness on Trial and Loyalty
  • Connection of Personal and Planetary Health
  • Concern Regarding Chemical Connection to Disease
  • Environmental Impact of Lowered Human Activity During Pandemic
  • Impact of Lack of Environmental Responsibility on Purchase

7. Purpose & Meaning Dimension

  • Purpose & Meaning Dimension Definition
  • Snapshot of Purpose and Meaning Findings
  • Importance – Satisfaction of Emotional Health
  • Methods of Maintaining Health
  • Consumers Quotes on How They Maintain Their Health
  • Impact of Stress on Condition Management
  • Stress and Energy Levels Trended
  • Self Descriptors by Generation
  • Attitudes Regarding Helping Others
  • Donating Behavior
  • Volunteerism Across Demographic Groups
  • Interest in Creating Change for the Better
  • Future Outlook by Demographic Groups
  • Future Outlook Across Satisfied Groups vs. Unsatisfied Groups

Companies Mentioned

  • BCC research
  • NielsenIQ
  • Kroger
  • Trader Joes
  • Whole Foods

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